Why “It’s Not Rocket Science”?For example, the statement is meant to be ironic. Psychotherapy is both technical and non-technical, an art and a science. It deals with emotional functioning and yet uses our abilities to observe and to think clearly. It involves both rational thought and creativity.

Also, emotional processes are not mechanical. They do not involve cause-and-effect relationships. Rather, they invoke “triangles” and relate to circular functioning. From this way of thinking, a major benefit results: A circle allows many points of interruption in the repeating patterns of our lives. With that in mind, we can more easily identify those patterns, the part each individual plays in those patterns, and begin the supported experiment to create change.

Additionally, the end product is not merely a destination. The goals of all my services are not restricted to symptom relief, or increased productivity or creativity, or better martial communication. The overall effects expand to all areas of our lives.