I specialize in therapy for couples and individuals, emphasizing Systemic Work on Self in all relationships, including Family of Origin.It’s Not Rocket Science, but therapy is a different way of thinking about yourself and your life. I provide treatment that values Truth and Honesty as the route to one’s True Self.Focus on Self can address a host of benefits with which I have had great experience and success: improving self-knowledge, relationships that are based on self-understanding, recovery from abusive relationships whether experienced as an adult or as a child, better physical health, and an increase in creativity.My strongest belief is that as one improves their sense of True Self, the ripple effects move outward to all relationships, past, present, and future; as child, partner, employee, parent, and individual.While some of the techniques used in therapy appear on the¬†disclosure¬†page, what happens in therapy is very personal and individualized. Therapy starts by asking what improvements the client wants to make in their life. This goal centers on the individual and their willingness to work toward that end. The working premise is that NO ONE CAN CHANGE ANYONE ELSE; YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF. While we all influence others, our behavior and reactions are the only areas over which we have any control or choice in our lives.Next, an emotional and functional family history is gathered, concentrating on multi-generational functioning from an objective viewpoint. The intent is to set aside concerns of “Why?”, and pursue “Who?”, “What”, “When?”, “Where?”, and “How?” a family operates emotionally.Then a client begins to examine how they automatically react and respond to life circumstances and relationships in order to gain a more conscious awareness of their own functioning and ultimately to obtain more choice of responsiveness.